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东宫 Eastern Palace: Chapter 13

Here is Chapter 13, enjoy reading =)!! Also, remember to vote for my next project here.

I wanted to pick up the knife, he brushed away the knife causing the knife to be rolled away. I was so angry that I wanted to slap him, but he reached out and grabbed my wrist, the rims of my eyes were heating up and said: "If you don't want to save her, then hurry up and go away, I don't want to see you ever again!" Gu Jian looked at me and sighed, said: "Don't worry, I will go and save her."I used an excuse to send people out of A'Du's room, then I waved in the window to tell Gu Jian to come inside. Gu Jian jumped inside from the window without a sound, carefully examining A'Du's condition. He said to me: "The person that caused the injury was very harsh, almost destroying her acupuncture points." My heart was trembling, he said:" But I have a way to save her." He looked at me once, "But if I save her, then how would you repay me?" I hurriedly said: "You are saying this at this very moment. If you save A'Du, then I will give you as much money as you want." He said: "I want money to do what? You are belittling me." I asked: "What do you want?" He laughed: "If.......If you kiss me." I was so angry that I wanted to faint, why do men like to nibble mouths?

        Li Cheng Yin was like that, even a high martial artist Gu Jian was like that too.

        I bit my teeth, stepped forward to block his shoulders, tiptoed and furiously nibbled his mouth.

        I didn't expect that he would push me away, suddenly asking me: "Who taught you this?" I was confused: "What?" "Before you would only kiss my cheeks, who taught you?" His complexion changed, "Li Cheng Yin?" I was scared that he would not save A'Du, so I did not argue with him.

     His complexion became even worse: "You let Li Cheng Yin kiss you?" Li Cheng Yin is my husband, I can't let him kiss me? I was actually afraid of Gu Jian, scared that he would become angry and go kill Li Cheng Yin. His whole body was tense, so he could become crazy anytime, also his gaze was very hard to look at, furiously glaring at me.

  I couldn't hold it any longer, loudly said: "You said it yourself, that time I waited for you three days three nights, it was you who did not come. Don't say that I didn't remember anything, even if I did remember anything, we probably wouldn't be together anyways, I already am married to another person. You can agree to save A'Du, but if you don't agree, then I would not force you to save her. However, if you want me to betray my husband, then I will never be able to do that. We Western Liang women, although we are not like Central Plain women who would die for their husbands, but I am now married to Li Cheng Yin, he is my husband. No matter what happened to us before, we have no feelings for each other." Gu Jian hearing this phrase, moved one step backwards, I could feel that his eyes were fuming with fire, an indescribable......... sadness? However, I was already ready to be harsh to him. I was saying all this to let Gu Jian know that Li Cheng Yin treats me well, even if he doesn't treat me well, for the sake of Western Liang I will marry him, he even pushed me away in a dangerous situation, I shouldn't betray him.

     I said: "You can go, I would not beg you to save A'Du again." He laughed: "Xiao Feng.......This is how you repay me." He reached out his hands to support A'Du, and placed his palms on her sleeveless garment, helping her heal her injury.

       Gu Jian was still healing A'Du even when the sky turned dark. I was sitting by the door, scared that someone will come in and interrupt them. However, I haven't slept for days, I was leaning on the side, almost falling asleep. Gu Jian walked out,  I asked him: "How was it?" He faintly said: "She didn't die." I went inside seeing A'Du there, her complexion was way better than before, I let out a sigh of relief.

        I thanked Gu Jian three times, he didn't say anything, only taking out a package of herbal medicine and giving it to me: "You said Li Cheng Yin is suffering from a serious injury, this medicine can help treat his injury, take it and give it to him." I don't understand why he was suddenly so kind, perhaps I had a suspicious look on my face, he suddenly laughed coldly: "What, are you scared that I would poison him?" I was busy putting away the medicine: "If he recovers, I will thank you again." Gu Jian coldly laughed once, said: "No need to thank me, I am not that kind. I will wait until he recovers, then I will use my sword to kill him, I have never killed someone that cannot resist my powers, once he recovers, then it would be the moment he gives up his life to me." I gave him this look: "I know you wouldn't do that, once he recovers, I will invite you to drink some wine." Gu Jian did not argue with me anymore, turned around and left.

        Even though I said that, I still gave the medicine to the imperial physicians to examine the medicine, they took out the medicine and smelled it, looked at it, but they don't recognize this medicine, and they don't dare to give it to Li Cheng Yin. I hesitated for half a day, allowing some people to apply the medicine on their arms. Asides from a cold feeling when applying the medicine, there were no side effects. The second day I tried the medicine on my skin, I couldn't see any problems with it. I felt relieved a bit, this Gu Jian is someone with exceptional martial arts skills, so he must have some type of powerful medicine, this medicine might be some good stuff. The third day I quietly went in and applied the medicine to Li Cheng Yin's wound.
        I don't know if it was Gu Jian's medicine or the imperial physicians' medicine that was effective, but on the fourth day at dusk, Li Cheng Yin's fever was gone.
         His fever was gone, so everyone let out a sigh of relief. I was advised by others to return and sleep, I slept but not too long after I was awakened by Yong Niang, said: "Crown Prince's condition had worsen." I hurried to Li Cheng Yin's place, when I arrived there were a lot of people, the imperial physicians saw that I was coming, cleared the pathway. I went to the bedside, I could only see that his complexion was pale, breathing very rapidly, the wound was leaking out yellow water, he was still unconscious.

        The imperial physician said: "The Crown Prince's lungs has been damaged, the wind going into the veins was extremely dangerous." I don't know if it was the medicine that I applied to the wound that was the problem, but everyone was panic-stricken, the Emperor had sent some people here, but the imperial physicians were unable to do anything as they couldn't think of any possible method. My heart had calmed down, sitting in front of the bed, holding onto Li Cheng Yin's hand, his hand was very cold, I placed his hands in my hands and used my warmth to warm his hands.
        The imperial physicians were still discussing, I could care less about them. As the night passed by, there were lesser people in the palace hall, Yong Niang gave me an outer clothing. I was by Li Cheng Yin's bedside, without blinking my eyes watching him.
        He is very handsome, the first time I saw Li Cheng Yin, I thought he was very handsome. His eyebrows are dark and concentrated, straight nose, snowy white complexion like white jade. However, his fair complexion was not like a woman, his fair complexion was like a refined person, not like Western Liang men who are rough, he was like the Central Plain water, Central Plain mountain, Central Plain capital city, like warm and gentle air.
        I remembered something, facing towards Yong Niang said: "Tell someone to release Zhao Liang Di, and let her come and visit the Crown Prince." Although Zhao Liang Di was demoted to a status of a commoner, but I got used to calling her Zhao Liang Di. Yong Niang wrinkled her eyebrows, said: Right now there is a big situation happening in the palace, Zhao Shu Ren's [1] situation involves the Empress......I think if we don't have the Emperor's decree, the Crown Princess should not....." I got angry, faced towards her: "Right now Li Cheng Yin is injured, he favors Zhao Liang Di the most, why can't we let Zhao Liang Di visit him? Also, isn't Zhao Liang Di innocent? Since Zhao Liang Di is innocent, why can't we let her visit Li Cheng Yin?" I gave her a serious look, she immediately told someone to bring Zhao Liang Di.

        I haven't seen her for a long period of time, Zhao Liang Di got skinner. She was originally a well-rounded beauty, but now that she got skinner, and also her status now is a commoner, she could only wear ordinary hairpins and clothes, she seemed very pitiful. She bowed to me, I faced towards her and said: "The Crown Prince's wound is very serious, so I brought you here to visit him." Zhao Liang Di suddenly lifted up her head and looked at me, the inner corners of her eyes already had tears. Her crying like this made my throat ache, said: "You go in and look after him, but do not cry." Zhao Liang Di wiped her tears and lowered her voice: "Yes." She went inside and kneeled in front of Li Cheng Yin's bed, even arriving there she was still crying, crying to the point my heart felt bothered. I went out the door, and sat outside by the doorsteps, lifted up my head and looked at the sky.

        The sky was dark like black silk, covered by stars.
        I felt I was a pitiful person, like an unnecessary person.
        At this moment, a person came over and bowed to me: "Crown Princess." His body armor was creating a sharp and clear sound, very pleasant to hear. At this moment, I actually didn't wanted to see anyone, but Pei Zhao had saved me quite a few times, so I shouldn't ignore him. I gave a faint smile: "Pei General." "The wind at night is very cold, Crown Princess sitting by the door."

        It was actually quite cold, I used my outer clothing to wrap myself, asked Pei Zhao: "Do you have a wife?"
        Pei Zhao was startled: "I am not married yet."
        "You Central Plain people pay particular attention to parent's commands, believing in matchmaking. We Western Liang people, if we find someone we love, all we have to do is hit a pair of wild goose, wrap it with cloth and bring it to the lady's family, this would be considered proposing a marriage, as long as the lady agrees, the parents cannot stop the marriage. Pei General, if you marry someone in the future, you have to marry someone you like. If not, you will hurt your own heart, and hurt the other person's heart." Pei Zhao did not say anything.

        I lifted up my head to look at the stars in the sky, cannot help but sighed: "I miss the Western Liang." Actually I know myself that I don't actually miss Western Liang, it was just that I felt very terrible right now. If I felt sad, I would always think about Western Liang.

        Pei Zhao's tone of voice was very gentle and warm: "Here is very windy, Crown Princess should go back inside." I felt dispirited: "I am not going inside, Zhao Liang Di is inside, if Li Cheng Yin regains consciousness, he would not want to see me interrupt them. Right now he is still unconscious, let Zhao Liang Di stay by his side and take care of him. If he knows, his wound would get better quickly." Pei Zhao did not say anything, he turned his body and moved two steps backwards, standing beside me. I don't feel like talking to him, putting my hands underneath my chin, If Li Cheng Yin recovers, knowing that Zhao Liang Di is innocent, he would be very happy. At that moment, then Zhao Liang Di can restore her original status, and at that moment I will once again be the person that people dislike.

        At least the person that Li Cheng Yin dislikes.
        My heart was confused, drawing on the ground with my foot nonstop. I don't know how much time had passed, Yong Niang came out, quietly said to me: "Letting Zhao Shu Ren [1] stay there for too long is not good, I already sent people to bring her back." I let out a sigh.

        Yong Niang must have know what my heart was thinking, quietly whispered in my ear: "Crown Princess don't worry, I was inside the whole time, Zhao Shu Ren did not say anything, only crying." I'm not even worried what she had said to Li Cheng Yin, because even if she didn't say anything to Li Cheng Yin, Li Cheng Yin would still like her.
        Pei Zhao had bowed to me: "Now is a very crucial moment, Crown Princess please take care of yourself." I stood up and said: "I am going inside." Pei Zhao bowed to me, I turned around and walked through the palace hall door, the wind blowing through, I could feel the coldness, but before I couldn't feel it. I suddenly remembered something, it was because Pei Zhao was standing beside me, blocking the wind for me.

        I couldn't help but turned around to look, Pei Zhao was already at the bottom of the stairs. He probably didn't think that I would look back, so when he was looking at me, I turned around and we were both staring at each other, his expression was like he was uncomfortable as if he thought he did something wrong, but he quickly moved away from my gaze.

        I could care less about Pei Zhao's weirdness, I stepped in the palace hall, saw everyone's worried faces, I also had a worried face.
        Li Cheng Yin was still unconscious, the imperial physicians's tone of voice was very soft, but I could understand what they were saying. If he stays unconscious then the situation would not be good.

        I don't know what to do. Li Cheng Yin's hands were pale as if there was no signs of color. I touched his hands, they were still cold.
Image result for 纁裳 english         I was too tired, I haven't slept for the past few days, I was sitting there saying things endlessly to Li Cheng Yin, I have never spoken to Li Cheng Yin in this manner before, we would just argue with each other.  The first time I met him, what day was it? It was the night of our marriage ceremony, it took the whole night for my veil to be lifted, which made me so bored. The moment my veil was lifted by him, all four sides were very bright, the candle lights were very bright, reflecting on his face, his person. He was wearing a black gown with delicate flower patterns.  A few months before that, Yong Niang urged me to memorize this book with ceremony rituals and standards, nine pages describing the black gown with crimson colour. Five pages on clothes, dragon, mountain, insects, fire, wine vessel; four pages on garments, algae, rice powder, and embroidery. 

        Central Plain's Crown Prince, wearing such elegant and well-known clothes. I remembered when I was reciting the book, it took me a while until I could memorize the whole book, because a lot of the words I could not recognize.

        At that moment I did like him, but he didn't like me because once he lifted my veil, he turned around and left, we didn't even drink the cup of wine together.
        Actually when he left, I let out a sigh of relief because I don't know if I could even sleep with a stranger. 
        Yong Niang was with me the whole night that night, she was scared that I would get angry and miss my family. She kept on explaining to me that the Crown Prince had catched a cold and that he was scared that he might spread the cold to me.

        His cold was three years.
        At the Eastern Palace, I felt so lonely.

        I came here alone from a far away place, although I have A'Du with me but she could not speak. If Li Cheng Yin didn't argue with me, I would've felt even more lonely.

        Right now he was about to die, I was thinking about everything good about him. I was digging through thoughts, I was saying things about the past to him, I am afraid if I don't say it to him now, if he dies I will not be able to say it to him again. The good things I thought I would've forgotten, but I did not. I even told him about the times we argued with each other, telling him every single word for him to listen. Telling him that at that time I was very angry, angry to death. I was pretending that I didn't care because in order to win an argument, you just have to pretend that you didn't care, then I would be able to choke Li Cheng Yin to the point he has nothing to say.

        Also the mandarin duck incident, a lot of people were laughing about me, the Empress was teaching me a lesson.
        I kept on saying things to him, but I don't know why, maybe I was afraid, maybe I was afraid that Li Cheng Yin might really die. The night was very quiet, the candle lights were reflecting on the curtain, the inner palace hall was deep and wide, it was dark, quiet, only me muttering to myself.
         Actually I was very scared that I would become a widow. At Western Liang, if the husband was dead, then the woman would have to marry the husband's little brother, like Princess Peng Yu from the Central Plains, originally she was supposed to be married to my Father's brother, but she ended up being married to my Father. Although Central Plains do not have these types of rules, but thinking that Li Cheng Yin might die soon, I couldn't help but tremble. If he dies, I would feel even worse than now. I was forcing myself not to think about it anymore, only forcing myself to say nonsense.

        Actually I didn't hate Li Cheng Yin as much as I thought, although he makes me angry sometimes, but for the past three years our interactions with each other was little to the point it could be counted with my fingers. Asides from the times when he would come and find me to cause trouble because of Zhao Liang Di, we actually don't argue that much. At times when we don't argue, I am not used to it.........Also copying books, although I hate copying books the most, however because I have been punished to copy books way too much, right now my writing skills has improved a lot. I have copied a book so much that I could even recite the whole book. Also there was something that I didn't tell anyone, there were a lot of words that I don't recognize in the book, sometimes I don't know how to read a certain word, but I would copy the word exactly the same, no one would even know that I didn't recognize that word.
        Also, Li Cheng Yin's Yin (鄞), the word was really strange, the first time when I saw this word, I thought it was this word (勤).......... I didn't know what this word meant. I heard that people from the Central Plains pay particular attention when creating names, why would they give this name to him?
        Yin Zhou (鄞州) [2]......
        I have been talking to myself for half of the night, when someone tried to talk to me, I was unable to stop, randomly asking them: "Huh? What is Yin Zhou?"
        "The late Emperor was from Yin Zhou.....Zhong Zhou (中州) from the east.......Liang Zhou (梁州) from the south......Long Xing (龙兴) from the ground........so.......I am called Cheng Yin (承鄞)......" I opened my mouth very wide, staring at the man lying on the bed that was on the verge of dying, his voice was very soft, but you could still hear it clearly, he seemed to have regained consciousness. Although his eyes was only half opened, but he was staring at me.
        I was staring there blankly, but at last I jumped and yelled: "Ah!" My voice must be very scary because everyone rushed in, the imperial physicians thought Li Cheng Yin's condition had worsen, so they rushed in: "What happened to the Crown Prince? What happened to the Crown Prince?" I used my finger and pointed at Li Cheng Yin, even I couldn't say things clearly, stuttered: "He.......He......." Li Cheng Yin was lying there, staring at me with an expressionless face, the imperial physicians were crying tears of joy: "The Crown Prince is awake! The Crown Prince is awake! Hurry and send someone to report this to the Emperor! The Crown Prince has regained consciousness....." The Eastern palace was jumping up and down, everyone was in a happy state. The imperial physicians have stated that if Li Cheng Yin regained consciousness, his wound would be able to recover. The imperial physicians were all celebrating, everyone was smiling, the people in the palace were celebrating as if it was New Years, spreading the news everywhere. The imperial physicians were examining his acupuncture points and writing prescriptions, running here and running there, like a bee buzzing around. It was the middle of the night and the noisiness made me want to sleep.

[1] 庶人 Shu ren- commoner
[2] 鄞州 Yin Zhou- The district of Ningbo in Zhejiang province of China

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Because of Love 1 & 2 爱你是最好的时光 – Fei Wo Si Cun (HE)

Image result for Because of Love 1 & 2 爱你是最好的时光 – Fei Wo Si Cun (HE)
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Image result for 裂锦 Broken Silk – 匪我思存

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东宫 Eastern Palace: Chapter 12

I supported Li Cheng Yin with my hands, half of his body was covered in blood, the wound was continuously pouring out blood. I was worried and scared, he asked me: "Did you get injured?......." He hasn't finished speaking yet and he spit out a mouthful of blood, the blood landed on top of my clothes, I cried and called out his name: "Li Cheng Yin!"

        I have always hated Li Cheng Yin, but I never wanted him to die.
        I pulled his hand, the corner of his mouth was covered in blood, but he laughed: "I have never seen you cried before....Are you scared that you will become a widow?....."

        At this moment he was joking around, I was crying even more, I hurriedly tried to cover the wound with my hand, but the wound kept leaking more blood, I was so scared. A lot of palace maids came in, some of them saw blood and fainted, the palace hall was in a state of confusion. I heard Pei Zhao giving out orders outside, he suddenly came in, it was as if I saw a life savior: "Pei General!"

        Seeing this situation, he immediately ordered people: "Hurry and go find the imperial physicians!"
        Afterwards he came forward, using his hands to examine Li Cheng Yin's acupuncture points. Seeing I was holding Li Cheng Yin very tightly, said: "Crown Princess, please let go of the Crown Prince, I would take care of the Crown Prince's wound."

        I was panicking, Pei Zhao seeing me in this state had calmed me down. I let go of Li Cheng Yin, he took off Li Cheng Yin's clothing and then wrinkled his eyebrow, I don't know what it meant when he wrinkled his eyebrow, but not too long after I knew what it meant because the imperial physicians quickly arrived, around half of the imperial physicians came to the Eastern Palace. The Emperor and Empress came to visit as well.
        I heard the imperial physicians telling the Emperor: "The wound is too deep, the Emperor please forgive us as we are incapable of treating the wound....."
        The Empress was already crying, using the handkerchief to wipe the tears. The Emperor's complexion was very hard to look at, I couldn't cry anymore, I need to wait for A'Du to come back.
        Pei Zhao already ordered some people to go chase after the assassin, I wasn't only worried about Li Cheng Yin, I was also worried about A'Du.
        A'Du finally came back at dawn, her injuries were very serious, she was carried by Pei Zhao's people. I called A'Du's name, she faintly opened her eyes and looked at me once. She wanted to lift her hand up, but she didn't have any strength left, only faintly moving her finger. I was looking at where she was looking at and she was looking at my clothes.
        My clothes were covered in blood, all Li Cheng Yin's blood. I understood what A'Du meant, I held her hand, holding myself from crying telling her: "I am alright."

        A'Du felt relieved, she placed a heavy object in my hand, and then she fainted.
        I felt pain, regret, and hatred.
        Li Cheng Yin was injured by the assassin because he stood in front of me, he pushed me to the side, I helplessly watch the long sword go into his body. Also, this person had injured A'Du as well.
         This was because of me, before we entered into Li Cheng Yin's place I told A'Du to give me her knife. A'Du went chasing after the assassin without her knife.
         Following me was my A'Du, using her life to protect me was my A'Du.
        I felt sorry for her, it was me that caused all the trouble, causing her to substitute for me to suffer hardship.
        I was crying very hard.
        No one consoled me, the Eastern Palace was in a disordered state, everyone was very concerned about Li Cheng Yin's injury. His injury was very serious, he might die soon, A'Du also might die soon. Li Cheng Yin, my husband, will die soon.
        I was crying for a long time until Pei Zhao came over and said: "Crown Princess." Afterwards said, "my people said that when they arrived at that moment, they could only see A'Du lying there unconscious and they couldn't see the assassin there, so they could only bring A'Du back. The nine gate is closed securely, so the assassin will not be able to escape. The Yu Lin army is actively searching for the assassin, so Crown Princess do not worry, the assassin would not be able to escape."

        I looked at the object that A'Du gave me, this object was very strange, it was a piece of wood with strange carving on it, I couldn't tell what it was.

        I gave the object to Pei Zhao: "This was given to me by A'Du, it might have something to do with the assassin."
        Pei Zhao sighed, he must have recognized this object. I asked: "What is this?"
        Pei Zhao  moved a step backwards and returned the piece of wood to me, said: "This is a very serious issue, Crown Princess please present this to the Emperor."

        I also thought I should present this to the Emperor, he was the Emperor, he was the father of my husband, he was the person with the most power. Someone tried to kill his son and kill A'Du, he must help us find the murderer.

        I wiped my tears, I let the palace maids go report that I wanted to see the Emperor.
        The Emperor and the Empress were still in the palace hall, the Emperor quickly let me in, I went inside and bowed to him: "Father."
        I barely get to see the Emperor, everytime I see him he would be sitting very far away, it was the first time seeing him this close. I realized he was just as old as my father, the hair on his temples were white.
         He was very polite to me, telling the people on the side: "Help support the Crown Princess to get up."
        I refused the palace maid's support: "A'Du chased the assassin and ended up getting injured, the Yu Lin army saved her and brought her back. She gave me this object,  I don't recognize this object, so I am giving this to your Majesty. This object may have something to do with the assassin." I lifted the piece of wood and tapped it, "Your Majesty please investigate."

        The palace maid took the wood and gave it to the Emperor, I saw the Emperor's complexion suddenly changed.
        He faced towards the Empress: "Mei Niang!"
        I just knew that the Empress's name was called Mei Niang.
        The Empress's complexion also changed, she suddenly pointed at me: "You! You are framing me!'
        I was confused, staring at her. The Empress kneeled down: Your Majesty please investigate, I raised Yin Er with my own hands, I spent my lifetime raising Yin Er, I would not harm him!"
        The Emperor did not say anything, the Empress turned around and blamed me: "Who influenced you to do this, suddenly using this method to frame me?"

        I couldn't even read the words from the Central Plains, I couldn't even read what was carved on the wood, I have not seen this object before, so I was only staring at the Empress in a confused state.
        The Emperor finally said something: "Mei Niang, she does not even recognize this object, how could she frame you?"
        The Empress became alarmed: "Your Majesty, you should not easily trust rumors. Why would I want to harm the Crown Prince? I raised Yin Er with my own hands, I regarded him as my own son......"
        The Emperor faintly said: "Own son.......Maybe not."
       The Empress covered her face and shed some tears: "Your Majesty, this phrase is just trying to expose that I have ulterior motives. Although I did not give birth to him, how am I different than a birth mother? When Yin Er was three months old, I brought him to the Central Palace and raised him with my own hands, teaching him how to behave, teaching him how to read......It was me that advise you to give him the title as a Crown Prince, I spent my lifetime on him, why would I send someone to kill him?"

        The Emperor suddenly laughed: "Xu Bao Lin was innocent, why did you harm her?"
        The Empress lifted up her face and stared at the Emperor.
       " I don't pay attention to anything about the imperial harem, but it doesn't mean that I don't know, you doing so many evil deeds was enough. Why did you have to harm Xu Bao Lin, but also you wanted to get rid of Zhao Liang Di? Zhao Liang Di's father and brother hold massive military power, if Li Cheng Yin ascends the throne in the future, even if we don't give her the title of an Empress, we could still give her the title of a imperial consort. Having them as in-laws, how could you mistreat them? Why are you worried about Li Cheng Yin ascending the throne? What are you afraid of? Are you scared that he would mistreat you? The Empress strongly said: "Why would I be worried?......Your Majesty saying this, I don't understand. "Yes, why did you have to worry?" The Emperor faintly said, "You are just worried that Yin Er might find out how his birth mother died."
        The Empress's complexion became dark, she fell to the ground.
        The Emperor said: "You are too eager, what harm can be caused if you just wait for twenty years more? Just wait until I die, Yin Er ascend the throne, give the title of an Empress to Zhao Liang Di, then this would anger Western Liang and he would use force to win over Western Liang. However, this would cause the two countries to become enemies and the two countries would fight until the end. You are creating such a big fuss, using these tricks, is it because when the Crown Prince and Crown Princess got closer, it ruined your plans?"

        The Empress muttered: "We have been a married couple for thirty years, apparently I am this type of person in your heart."
       "It's not that I think you are unbearable, it was your actions that were unbearable." The Emperor coldly said, "It was because you did a lot of malicious deeds. You caused Li Cheng Yin's mother's death I did not wrongly accuse you. You harmed Xu Bao Lin to the point she had a miscarriage, locked up Zhao Liang Di, I didn't question you when that happened, I thought you were doing all this to protect yourself. If Yin Er was not suitable to ascend the throne then he wouldn't be given the title as a Crown Prince. Now you have become crazy even harming Yin Er, I can no longer hold it any longer. Even though he was not your own son, you even raised him, how could you do such things?" The Empress finally shed some tears: "I did not do it........Even if your Majesty does not believe me, but I didn't do it.....I did not get someone to harm Yin Er." My heart was shakened, I couldn't believe what I was hearing, I couldn't believe everything that I heard. The Empress was a noble and kind woman, but apparently she was a woman with a scheming heart.  

        The Emperor said: "You did all those things, do you really want me to bring out all the witness and evidence, do you really want me to question you in court? If you admit everything, then as a married couple for thirty years I will keep you alive." The Empress's tears were like rain falling down: "Your Majesty, I am really innocent! I am innocent!" The Emperor coldly said: "Twenty years ago, you placed 
poison in Shu Fei's [1] medicine, right now half of the poison is still in the second cabinet. Do you want me to bring someone to bring the poison and allow you to swallow the rest of it?' Hearing the last phrase, the Empress fainted to the ground.

        Everything that happened tonight was like the sound of thunder that was so strong that it was about to explode to the point I became dumbstruck, I felt like I would become foolish.

        The Emperor turned around, pointed at me. I went towards him, and bowed in front of him. He reached out his hand and patted my head, said: "Child, don't be scared, Father is right here so no one will dare to hurt you. When Yin Er married you, it was my idea because I knew Western Liang women are the best and the most real." I was not afraid because his palm was very warm, like my own father's hand. He also looked like Li Cheng Yin, I was never afraid of Li Cheng Yin.
        The Emperor told me: "Take good care of Yin Er, he doesn't have a mother ever since he was young, if someone treats him well, he would give his heart out to them." Even if he doesn't tell me, I would've still taken good care of Li Cheng Yin.

        It was everything that happened today that made me scared, I was really scared. Everything in the palace was very scary, people are complicated like the Empress, I never expected that it was her who had caused Xu Bao Lin to have a miscarriage, and pushing the blame to Zhao Liang Di. People's life in her eyes seems unimportant, unimportant than even an ant. Why did she also kill Li Cheng Yin's birth mother, is it because she want to take away her son?
        Everything was so scary, I was trembling with fear.
        Li Cheng Yin's injury was very serious, he was still unconscious after three days. I watching over him by his side.
        His wound became worse, he had a fever,  I could only open his mouth and slowly pour the medicine in his mouth.
       I felt like he may not live any longer.
        However, I did not shed any tears. At that dangerous moment, he pushed me to the side. If he does not survive, then I would die with him.

        We Western Liang women would cry all day if we were not happy. I already cried so I will not cry again.
        When Li Cheng Yin was still unconscious,  he would mumble something, I leaned forward to hear what he was saying, apparently he was saying "mother," it was like last time when he had a fever.
        I also remembered what the Emperor had said earlier, my heart had weakened, Li Cheng Yin was a pitiful person, even though he is a Crown Prince, but he have never seen his birth mother ever since he was a child. The Empress was a person with a malicious heart, if Li Cheng Yin knew it was her who had killed his birth mother, he would be very sad.
        A lot of the imperial physicians were watching over Li Cheng Yin. The Emperor already handed over an imperial edict to depose the Empress, creating shock throughout the imperial court. The imperial edict listed a lot of the Empress's offenses, especially since we don't know whether Li Cheng Yin would be able to survive, the Chancellors in the court didn't take any chances to say anything about the imperial edict. I heard from the palace maids that the Empress's family was very powerful, the government officials that supported the Empress were preparing to oppose the king for deposing the Empress. I don't understand anything that happens in the imperial court, but now I knew that the Emperor cannot do whatever he wants.

        In the morning I would take care of Li Cheng Yin, in the afternoon I would take care of A'Du.
        A"Du had suffered from a lot of injuries, she was also suffering from a very serious internal injury. A'Du's martial arts skills was already good, but this assassin was able to injury A'Du to this level, then this person must be a master in martial arts. When I was applying medicine to the wound, I noticed that the stuff I gave to A'Du was lost. A'Du would always carry the things I gave her in case I might need to use it.
        My A'Du, the A'Du that was very good to me. It was my fault for causing trouble for her.
        I saw an arrowhead was lying there, I took the arrowhead and then quietly left.
        All the people in the Eastern Palace all went to Li Cheng Yin's palace hall, the garden was deserted, not a single person was there.
        I was throwing the arrowhead in midair, then I was sitting there quietly waiting.
        Not long after, a gush of wind came and Gu Jian quietly appeared in front of me.
        Seeing me like this, he started to ask me: "Who mistreated you?" I knew right now I looked terrible, that day I was crying so hard that my eyes were swollen, also I didn't sleep for a few days, my complexion definitely would've looked bad.

         I told him in a simple way of what happened, Gu Jian silently asked me: "Do you want me to kill the Empress?" I shook my head.

        The Empress had harmed too many people, she shouldn't be alive anymore, but the Emperor would punish her by deposing her and sending her to the cold palace. This type of punishment to this type of person was enough, compared to killing her this type of punishment would make her feel even worse.
        I begged him: "Can you think of a way to save A'Du, she is suffering from an internal injury, she is unconscious: "Gu Jian suddenly laughed: "This is very funny, you are not begging me to save your husband, but begging me to save A'Du . Is it because you don't like your husband,  or do you just like A'Du too much?" "Li Cheng Yin is suffering from external injuries, even a god cannot do anything, it is up to him to see if he can survive. It was because of me that A'Du got injured when she was chasing after the assassin, she is suffering an internal injury, I know you have a way to save her." Gu Jian's face became gloomy: "That's right, I do have a way to save her, but why should I save her?" I suddenly became angry: "You said before that if I encounter any danger, then I could ask you for help, but now you don't want to help me!" Gu Jian said: "Yes, but I did not promise to help you save other people." "A'Du's life is in danger right now, A'Du's life means my life. A'Du got injured because of me, if you don't save her......." I pulled out the knife, placed it next to my neck, "I will die in front of you!" Gu jian reached out two fingers and gently tapped the knife, I didn't grasp onto the knife properly, the knife "shua"fell to the ground.

[1] Shu Fei is the name of Li Cheng Yin's birth mother.
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东宫 Eastern Palace: Chapter 11

Hi everyone I am back, I'm sorry for the delay because there was too much going on. Also, apparently this novel will be adapted into a drama. You can read more about it here. To be honest, I haven't watched any of the dramas from the lead actors but I can't wait for the drama!! Hopefully it follows closely to the novel because drama adaptions often change the storyline. Anyways, enjoy reading!!

Exactly! Crown Princess was born with this beauty, it wouldn't make sense if she didn't gain the Crown Prince's favour! "Did you not see Crown Princess's red face when she saw the mandarin duck sash, it was as if she was shy..."

          Aiya, if it was me, I'd also be embarassed, the Crown Prince really is bold.... Actually sending servants in broad daylight to give this to the Crown Princess... "He actually went one step further.... Didn't you see when the Crown Princess came back, she looked so disheveled, even her clothes were torn.... Seems like the Crown Prince really was eager... hehe..."

       ......... Hearing the palace maids whispering about it makes me want to shout at them and tell them that this isn't what had happened! My face was red because I was angry! My clothes were torn because we were having a fight! Anyways it wasn't what they were thinking!

        Li Cheng Yin really doesn't like me, he deliberately made me a scapegoat.
        I didn't expect Li Cheng Yin to not only make me a scapegoat, but he also shifted the blame to me.
On the third day, the Empress called me into the inner palace, after I bowed to her, she wasn’t like the others who would support me, she did not even tell me to take a seat. The Empress was sitting on her seat, and spoke a few words while not paying me any attention. Although the words were spoken very politely, I could tell that she was scolding me.
I could only kneel down and get scolded.

This also wasn't something that has never happened before, even before this, she would scold me occasionally, it was usually because I went overboard with the things I did. For example, forgetting about the palace rules in the ceremony, or saying inauspicious words during the ancestor worship. However, it was still the first time where I was to kneel down and get scolded.

        At the beginning, she would use these phrases from this book. Anyways, she would say it in one breath and listening to her recite the book makes me feel so bored. Kneeling on the floor for so long made my knees hurt, but I didn't dare to move one bit. Actually she knows that I don't understand the underlying message of phrases from the book. When she finished reciting the book, she finally let out a sigh and said: "You are a Crown Princess, the first wife of the Eastern Palace. The Crown Prince is still young and he would cause trouble. You should advise him, how can you let him cause trouble? Not just us from the royal family, but the wife of a common family understands that they must act in a reserved manner........"

        I finally understood what she meant, I couldn't help but to say: "It wasn't me, it was him........."
        The Empress stared at me to interrupt me: "I know it was him that caused trouble, but he was still sick, you still do not understand? What if his sickness becomes a serious illness, then what can be done? You are going to become an Empress in the future, being responsible for the six palaces. If you act this way, how is it acceptable?"

       I felt angry and ashamed, I felt like I should dug a hole in the ground and hide in there. The Empress was simply scolding me for being shameless, knowing that Li Cheng Yin was sick and.....and......this........this..........Heaven knows! We never did that.......No!

        I felt wrongly accused, I felt I would die from injustice!

         Seeing that I was about to cry, the Empress stopped lecturing me and said: "You may rise!" I am doing this for your own good. The words that were spread around were even more unpleasant to hear. A young married couple should be intimate, however you should do so at the right moment and place. The Central Plains is not like Western Liang, rumors spread around especially in the palace are like a knife that could kill someone."

        My eyes were red: "I cannot be a good Crown Princess, I don't want to be anymore."

        The Empress pretended she didn't hear what I had just said, just telling Yong Niang: "Take good care of the Crown Princess. Also the Crown Prince is still sick, but the Crown Princess is still young and have many matters to deal with so don't let her serve the Crown Prince medicine. Let the Crown Princess copy the book ten times."
        I was so angry that my lungs were about to explode, they are treating me like a fox demon! I finally understood, Li Cheng Yin set this trap to make me feel like I should hide in a hole.

       What mandarin duck? It is even more frightening than a white silk. Copying the book ten times is just telling me to die!
       When we returned to the Eastern Palace, I really want to grab a knife and fight with Li Cheng Yin, using this trap on me! However, Yong Niang was watching very closely, arranging a palace maid to help me grind the inkstick. I can only keep my anger and start copying the book. The words were really hard to write, each time I wrote a word, in my heart I would be cursing at Li Cheng Yin. After copying the book for some time, I had already cursed Li Cheng Yin a hundred times.

        At night, I slowly put on my clothes. A'Du heard I was getting out of bed, she sat up, I lowered my voice: "A'Du, give me your knife."

        A'Du didn't know what I was using the knife for, but she still gave me her golden knife. I placed the knife under my clothes and wore a silk clothing over my clothes. If A'Du wasn't here, I could not avoid the Yu Lin army who were guarding the Eastern Palace, so I brought A'Du with me, walking quietly, pushing open the palace hall side doors, crossing the bridge and then going to Li Cheng Yin's place. When we were on the bridge, A'Du suddenly stopped.

        It turns out Yong Niang was holding a fragrant stove and bumped to us.
        This was too unlucky, I forgot today was the fifteenth, Yong Niang would always pray to the moon god at this time. I was thinking if I should let A'Du knock her unconcious or would Yong Niang shout and the Yu Lin army would come and take us back?
        Who would have known that when Yong Niang saw us, she would first stare blankly, and then look at the direction we were going which was to Li Cheng Yin's place?
        I was giving this look to A'Du as a signal to turn around and grab Yong Niang. Who would know Yong Niang would only just sigh, and walked past us quietly?

        I was surprised, Yong Niang walked away a few steps, suddenly turned around and said: " The wind is cold at night, once the Crown Princess finish taking care of the Crown Prince, be careful not to get a cold."

        I held my breath, she must've thought I was meeting Li Cheng Yin personally!
        When we arrived outside the palace hall, A'Du pulled me and we jumped softly to the top of the wall. We didn't arrive to the top of the wall yet and suddenly we heard a loud shout: "There's an assassin!" I was startled, all of a sudden there were numerous arrows coming towards us like rain hiding the sky. There were numerous of lanterns and torches lit up all around brightening the place. A'Du stood in front of me to hit the arrows away from us. Not long after I turned around to jumped down from the wall, but I accidentally slipped and fell from the top of the wall.
        The wall is so tall!
        I could hear the sound of the wind swept past........This time......This time I could turn into a meat paste.

        I was facing upwards when I fell down, I could see A'Du's panicked face. She flew down to reach me, behind her was a pitch black sky. The stars slowly became white sesame seeds as it became further away and the moon slowly being covered by the palace hall. A'Du wasn't able to reach me because I was falling too fast. When I felt there was no hope left, all of a sudden someone grabbed my waist, caught me while spinning around and around, my hairpin got blown away by the wind leaving my hair messy and in front of my face. I could only see his silver armor reflecting the red flame of the torch. The sparks of the flames were reflected in his eyes while his eyes were looking at me.
        This dream was repeated numerous times.......a hero saving a beauty, him saving me in mid air spinning......spinning.....slowly spinning......The sky was filled with stars that fell like rain.....Between heaven and earth, his two eyes were just gazing at me.....his gaze only had me.....I wanted to faint, I wanted to faint, being held in his embrace, this person is the person in my dreams......My legs reached to the ground. This person had a full body armor, double edged eyebrows, star eyes, impressive looks. Is he that person? That person that always appears in my dreams, the hero that saved me everytime from danger?

        The arrows flying from all four sides had stopped already. Pei Zhao bowed to me, he placed me to the ground. I just realized that I was still grabbing his arm.  A'Du pulled my hand, carefully examining my body to see if there were any injuries, I felt so embarrassed. The hero in my dream was Pei Zhao? How come I don't know that myself? However Pei Zhao was indeed very handsome, very good at martial arts, but why would it be him? My ears were red, I looked at him again.
        This night I am very unlucky, first I bumped into Yong Niang, then I bumped into Pei Zhao.
        Pei Zhao commanded the Yu Lin army and in a flash the army had disappeared without a trace. I don't know what to say at this moment, only saying something without meaning it: "Pei general was indeed impressive with using the army....." "Crown Princess, please forgive us for frightening you." Pei Zhao used polite hand gestures, "We didn't expect the Crown Princess would be on top of the wall, please forgive us Crown Princess."
        I don't blame you, who would've expect it would be A'Du and I climbing over the wall, you thought we were assassins was not very strange. "What is the Crown Princess doing late at night?"

        I wasn't that foolish to tell him that I am here at Li Cheng Yin's place to get even with him. I laughed: "I am not going to tell you what I am doing here."
        Pei Zhao's expression was the same, he lowered his head and said: "Yes."
        A'Du and I walked forward, Pei Zhao suddenly called me: "Crown Princess."
        "What?" "The Crown Prince's palace hall is not that way, but this way."
        I felt so angry from the embarrassment, glared at him furiously, however he was standing there but didn't see the look I was giving him. I only turned around and walked to the way he was pointing.

        I finally arrived outside of Li Cheng Yin's palace hall, I ordered A'Du: "You guard the entrance, do not let anyone come in."
        A'Du nodded, she did a hand gesture to tell me to not worry.
        I entered the palace hall, the palace maids on night duty were not asleep, they were playing a riddle game. I walked quietly behind them and went to the inner palace hall.

        I held my breath and quietly walked towards, making no noise at all, suddenly I heard a "hu" sound, the gush of cold wind blew inside faintly making my cheeks hurt. Not before I made a sound, I was spinning around and around and landed on top of the bed, an ice cold knife was placed near my throat, I was afraid if I moved a bit the knife would cut open my throat, I was frightened to the point my whole body was filled with goosebumps.

        I looked at Li Cheng Yin, in the darkness his face seemed as if it was another person, simply a completely different person. He was looking into my eyes very closely. Even in my dreams I would never have thought Li Cheng Yin would carry a knife and being this alert when he was sleeping on his bed.
       "It's you?" Li Cheng Yin took away the knife, he lazily asked me: "Why did you come here so late at night, to do what?" "Eh........nothing."  I could not tell him that I wanted to tie him up and vent my anger.
         He slightly smiled and glanced once at me: "Oh, I know, you miss me so you came here to see me right?"

        At this moment I finally remembered how he used the mandarin duck to set a trap to frame me and caused me to be scolded by the Empress. I had to copy the book, copy the book! The thing I disliked the most was copying books! I "shua" all of a sudden taking the knife that was underneath my clothes, fuming with anger: "You were right, I was thinking about you!"
        He wasn't even scared at all, but laughed: "Apparently women from Western Liang uses knifes to think about people!"
        "Stop with the nonsense!" I placed the knife next to his neck. "Give the knife to me." He moved forward: "You think I would give the knife to you if you tell me to?" "Don't come close......" He suddenly seized my shoulder, I wasn't able to respond and he suddenly nibbled my mouth again!

        That's too much!
        He nibbled my mouth very slowly as if he was eating a crab. I have seen Li Cheng Yin eat crab before and can be said to be simply number one at eating crabs. After he finishes eating a crab, the broken pieces of the crab can be pieced together to form a new crab. Compared to a Central Plain lady's embroidery skills, his crab eating skills are way better. I was about to stab him in the back, but I couldn't get myself to stab him. I was afraid that this would cause a war, my father is old and if the Western Liang had to fight with the Central Plains, then my father would lose, the Western Liang would lose. I'll endure....I'll endure.....he nibbled my mouth but my mouth was finally let go. Not before I let out my breath, he started to nibble my neck. Oh no he must be planning to nibble me as if I was a crab slowly eating me up. My neck was itchy and painful, I was unable to describe that difficult feeling. He was nibbling my ears, I hate that itchy feeling. He was breathing under my ears, my whole body became weak, even the knife I was holding was taken away by him. He threw the knife to the side and started to nibble my mouth again.

        I felt something was wrong because his hands were suddenly under my clothes and grasping onto me above my waist. He was grasping onto me to the point I couldn't move a single step. In a moment of desperation, I shouted: "You! You!"

        "Let go of my hand! If you don't let go, I'm going to call A'Du!"
        Li Cheng Yin was laughing while saying: "You call her then! I don't mind even if you call all the people in the Eastern Palace to come here, it was you who came to my bed in the middle of the night."

        I was so angry that I almost passed out, that was simply too too too hateful! Any spoken words that came from his mouth was very unpleasant to hear. What did he mean I ran to his bed, I.........I........If I don't jump into the Yellow River then how can I wash away all my troubles?

        As I was about to stab him, a gush of wind rushed inside and in a flash, all of a sudden Li Cheng Yin pushed me by the foot of the bed. Apparently, he pushed me away to avoid an attack, but he couldn't avoid it and was stabbed in the chest by a long sword. I shouted and A'Du rushed inside. The assassin pulled out the sword from Li Cheng Yin's chest. I grabbed the candlelight from the table to scare the assassin and the assassin tried to dodge it. I was already shouting: "Someone come! There's an assassin!"

        The Yu Lin army that were on night duty broke open the doors and entered. A'Du continued to fight with the assassin. Outside the palace hall, you could hear people shouting everywhere. More people rushed in to take on the assassin. At a disadvantage, the assassin went through the window to leave, A'Du followed the assassin out.

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东宫 Eastern Palace: Chapter 10

Sorry I didn't update for the past few months since I have been busy with my part time job and school, but I'll update more frequently. I also wanted to introduce Nilla, who will be editing the English translations.

            Hi guys, nice to meet you all! My nickname comes from the food Nilla Wafers, and I happen to really like vanilla too. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this chapter. I'd like to thank Michelle for giving me the opportunity to work with her. Props to her for taking so much time to translate for us ^^ Some of the descriptions are pretty weird for my English-speaking brain, but they’re also pretty hilarious considering the context haha ^^ our heroine is too much fun.


My reputation is...ruined! Although we've argued so much these last three years, I have never disgraced myself in front of Li Cheng Yin until today. I was very furious and hotly said, "If you dare to laugh, I'll tell A'Du to kill you with the knife!"

The corner of his mouth twitched even more, so I glared at him, but he started to laugh loudly. I'd never seen him laugh so happily before, and the whole palace residence echoed with his laughter. I got very angry and seized A'Du's knife.

Yong Niang called out in shock as I flipped the knife around and used the handle to threaten Li Cheng Yin.

 "Do you think I'm scared to hit you? Do you think that if you're sick I won't hit you? I'm telling you, if I wasn't worried that the Emperor would send an army to kill my Father, I would've definitely killed you today!”

Yong Niang moved forward to pull me away, but A'Du blocked her. Even though I was using the knife handle, being hit by it would still be very painful. Li Cheng Yin endured quite a few of my hits and he seemed completely different, he wasn’t even yelling at me like usual. The two of us were fighting on top of the bed, and each hit from the flashing golden knife in my hand was accompanied by the sound of the wind. Yong Niang was panicking, jumping up and down. "Crown Princess, Crown Princess, don't hurt the Crown Prince! Crown Prince, be careful!"

Li Cheng Yin used his strength to seize my knife while I was busily calling A'Du. "Take Yong Niang outside!"

If I didn't force her to leave, then I wouldn't be able to fight him.

A'Du quickly pulled Yong Niang away. My hair became loose, and the golden phoenix hairpin suddenly slipped down to my hair bun. Within a blink of an eye, Li Cheng Yin had seized my knife.

Li Cheng Yin stood up on the bed, holding the knife above me. His body was taller than mine, even when I tiptoed I was still unable to reach the knife. I jumped up to get the knife, but he switched the knife to another hand. I jumped again, and he switched once more...I jumped four to five times, but every time I still couldn't get that knife. He jokingly said, "Jump! Jump again!"

This made me even angrier. Seeing that he was only wearing a yellow silk nightgown with a red belt, I had an idea and abruptly grasped onto his belt. Li Cheng Yin suddenly became flustered and sputtered, "You, what are you doing?"

With one hand grabbing onto the belt, I started kicking his knee. I kicked his knee so hard that he bent and fell down. As he fell, I quickly jumped up to grab his wrist and take back the knife.

At this moment, A'Du came back. Seeing that I was leaning towards Li Cheng Yin's body and pulling onto his belt, A'Du's face suddenly became red and she disappeared in a flash.

"A'Du!" I jumped up to call her, but Li Cheng Yin was trying to take back the knife.

Both of us were fighting on the bed, but we fell to the floor and became entangled. I never thought Li Cheng Yin could fight so well. Before when we fought, it would always end quickly because someone would come and stop us. Today was different than before. Even though he was still sick, a man is always a man, and he was endowed with extraordinary strength like a bull. Although I'm very good at fighting, I'm at a disadvantage sometimes because I can't endure as long as others can. Towards the end of a long fight I become powerless. Li Cheng Yin took back the knife but I grasped onto his hand as if my life depended on it. He loosened his grip, threw the knife to the other side and then kicked it far away so that no one could get to it.

I was gasping for air, Li Cheng Yin was still twisting my arm, and the both of us were like two locks twisted together on the rug. His forehead was full of sweat. This was good, sweating after a long fight would help him recover from his illness. We became deadlocked: he wouldn't let go while I didn’t have any more strength to struggle. He saw my knotted belt and used one hand to pull on it.

I nervously asked, "What are you doing?"

He pulled off the knotted belt and carelessly tied my hands together. I became anxious, I was scared that he would tie me up and hit me. I shouted, "Hey! A gentleman does not hold a grudge, if you dare to torture me, then I will call A'Du to come and kill you!"

"Shut up!"

            "A'Du!" I shouted, "A'Du come quickly!"

Li Cheng Yin seemed scared A'Du would come over because he knew he couldn’t beat her. He turned around to look for something, and I guess he was trying to find something to block my mouth. However, the bed and the floor were a complete mess, the pillow and blankets were scattered on the floor… where could he find something so quickly? Even though my hands were tied together, my feet could still move. I was jumping on the ground like a fish out of the water, and I seized this opportunity to shout, "A'Du! Come quickly and save me! A'Du!"

Li Cheng Yin became anxious, so he threw himself on top of me and used his mouth to stop my mouth.

I was stunned.

His body was filled with the scent of sweat, medicine, and other unknown scents. His mouth was soft and hot like a freshly cooked roasted duck, but his mouth was softer. I was stunned, really stunned. My eyes were opened widely and all I could see were his eyes.

We stared at each other.

I had forgotten how to breathe, and was only staring at him.

I opened my mouth, about to shout, but his arms tightened. When I opened my mouth, his tongue went into my mouth.

Too disgusting!

My whole body was filled with goosebumps and all the hairs on my body stood up. He suddenly nibbled onto my mouth.

 Ah, ah, ah! That is my mouth! Not pig feet! Not roasted chicken! Not duck leg! He suddenly hugged me while nibbling onto my mouth with great pleasure. While he was nibbling onto my mouth, he was also touching my clothes. Fortunately, there was a tight knot around my waist or else he would have pulled my skirt apart and I wouldn't be able to live anymore.

How grievous! How insolent!

I used all my effort to bite his mouth, and raised my foot to kick him fiercely.

I kicked him aside and he didn't move anymore. I jumped up, rushed over to pick up A'Du's knife, and then cut off the belt that tied my hands. I picked up the knife and pointed it to his neck: "Li Cheng Yin! Today, I will fight you until the end!"

Li Cheng Yin lazily glanced at me and lowered his head to touch the knife. I pressed the knife closer to his neck to threaten him: "You aren't allowed to tell anyone about today's matter or else I'll tell A'Du to kill you tonight!"

Li Cheng Yin was sitting there with his hands by his waist as if there was no sharp knife near his neck when he suddenly became shameless: "What things happened today that don't you want me to say?"

"You kissing me, and… and….hmph! Anyways, you cannot tell anyone about today's situation or else I'll kill you!"

He moved his neck closer to the knife: "If you kill me now, you are killing your husband. Also, if you dare to touch a piece of my hair, my imperial father would send troops and fight Western Liang!"

How shameless!

I was so angry that I didn't know what to do. I hesitated whether or not I should stab him or let A'Du deal with him tonight. "But..." he said, "If I am in a good mood, then I won't tell anyone about today's matter."

I looked at him. "What do you want me to do in order for you to be in a good mood?"

Li Cheng Yin tapped his chin. "Let me think...."

I fiercely said, "What is there to think about? Anyways, I'm telling you right now, if you tell anyone about this matter, I will immediately tell A'Du to kill you!"  

            "Kiss me!"


"If you kiss me, then I won't tell anyone!"

I looked at him suspiciously. Today's Li Cheng Yin doesn't seem to be the Li Cheng Yin I had known. Before today we wouldn’t have gotten past three sentences of conversation before arguing with one another. Li Cheng Yin was very hateful, hateful, and extra hateful...but today he was shameless, shameless, and especially shameless.

My mind relented and I decided to take the risk. "You will keep your promise?"

"A gentleman will act upon his words."


I placed the knife down, closed my eyes and bit him on his face leaving a tooth mark. It was so painful that he sharply took in a breath. When I finished kissing him, I was about to pick up the knife and leave, but he suddenly reached out and pulled me into his embrace.

           Unexpectedly, he nibbled on my mouth again. Ah, ah, ah, ah!

           He nibbled for a long time before letting me go. I was gasping for air and my lips were burning hot. This person was nibbling my mouth to the point it became swollen!

He reached out his finger to touch my lips, said: "This is called kissing, do you understand?" I really want to stab him, if I wasn't worried about our two countries fighting, people suffering, the bloodbath, the bones piled as high as a mountain…

I swallowed back my pride and grinned. "Thank you for teaching me!"

 "No need to thank me." He was so shameless.

 "Now that you know, kiss me."

We just kissed! I was so angry that I jumped up. "You didn't keep your promise!"

 "Just now, I was the one kissing you not you kissing me."

For the peace of the two countries, I will endure it!

I grabbed onto the front of his clothes and then imitated him by fiercely nibbling onto his mouth, chicken legs, chicken legs, chicken legs........I'll just pretend I am nibbling onto a chicken leg! I’ll nibble! I’ll nibble! I’ll nibble, nibble, and nibble!

I finally finished nibbling. When I let go, I discovered that from his neck to his ears Li Cheng Yin was flushing red, his eyes were bloodshot, and he was breathing heavily.

"You have a fever again?"

He suddenly denied it, saying, "No! You can leave now."

I fixed my clothes and hair, grabbed my knife, and quickly left.

There was no one outside as I continued to walk to my palace residence. I noticed as I was walking, the palace maids had a stunned look and even almost forgot to bow to me. Those palace maids were selected by Yong Niang. All of them were like Yong Niang as well; they always remembered the rules.

After looking at the mirror, I finally understood why they were looking at me like that.

I looked like a ghost. My hair was down, my clothes were a complete mess, and my mouth was swollen. Li Cheng Yin, that rotten egg made my mouth swollen. The palace maids helped me change my clothes and fix my hair. Fortunately, no one asked me about today's matter. If they knew, then there would be no need for me to stay in Eastern Palace. Suddenly, someone outside the door said Li Cheng Yin had sent someone to send me something.

This rarely happened because everyone knew that Li Cheng Yin didn't like me. He never sent anyone to bring things to me.

            I felt like something was wrong. Usually when I argued with Li Cheng Yin he wouldn't care about me for the next several days. Today we were fighting very aggressively, but he sent someone to gift me something. This was strange.

            However, I'm not scared of Li Cheng Yin, so I said, "Tell him to come in."

           He sent Xiao Huang Men to bring a tray with a lid that had a red silk covering it, I couldn't see what was underneath. Xiao Huang Men was sent by Li Cheng Yin, so he was standing in a very well mannered way and earnestly announced the imperial decree. "Your Majesty said he was very apologetic for breaking the Crown Princess's belt, so he want to compensate for your loss by giving the Crown Princess a string with a pair of mandarin ducks [1]. Your Majesty said, he was going to come and give this to the Crown Princess himself,  but he felt very tired, sweated a lot, and was scared to catch a cold, so he couldn't come. Your Majesty also said he wouldn't tell anyone about today's matter, so please relax Crown Princess."

           I almost fainted from my anger. Some of the palace maids looked at the sky, some of them looked at the carpet, others were biting the corner of their mouths, some other maids had displeased looks on their faces, and a few maids' faces were distorted from holding in their laughter... Everyone pretended as if they didn't hear anything and refused to look at me.

           Li Cheng Yin, you are bold! Is this what you called not telling anyone? This is called using your imperial order to tell the whole world! You are purposely using this way to tell me not to worry.... I can't stand this! Telling someone in this type of situation to not take revenge would be hard!

          I gave a strained smile. "I thank your Majesty."

          Xiao Huang Men showed his reverence and respect by kneeling down and holding the tray above his head. I reached out to open the lid covered with the silk, and there was indeed a pair of delicate mandarin ducks, as if they were full of joy. Looking at it made me feel very angry to the point I almost fainted from my anger. The palace maids by my side had already moved forward to take the tray.

          I already knew Li Cheng Yin wouldn't let me have any good days, but I never thought he'd be this bold. He unexpectedly used this type of scheme. At night, A'Du finally came back with Yong Niang. Not long after Yong Niang arrived, someone told her about the mandarin ducks. Though she didn't ask me about it, she was smiling with joy and when she saw that the corner of my mouth was swollen, she ordered someone to prepare my meal. I dare say the whole Eastern Palace knew about this incident by now. My clothes were a mess and my hair was down when I came out of Li Cheng Yin's palace residence, I didn't know where my belt went, and then Li Cheng Yin gave me a pair of mandarin ducks as a gift.

          Mandarin duck- even thinking about it gave me goosebumps. If Li Cheng Yin sent me a necklace, I wouldn't think it was strange, but he sent me a string of mandarin ducks, which is obvious he was plotting something.

          However, the people in Eastern Palace didn't think like that, especially the palace maids who served me. Everyone's eyebrows were raised and they exhaled, believing that I had finally convinced Li Cheng Yin.

"The Crown Prince finally changed his mind, Amitabha [2]! Zhao Liang Di must have mistreated the Crown Prince. Look, she's been rejected by him. The Crown Prince treats the Crown Princess well now."

[1] 鸳鸯 Mandarin duck- In this chapter, the mandarin duck we are referring to is a decoration in the shape of a mandarin duck. Mandarin duck is a type of duck, but sometimes in Chinese context it means a couple.
[2] 阿弥陀佛 Amitabha- A chant to the Buddha meaning "May the lord Buddha preserve us."

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